Ellen Prentiss Campbell

   Ellen Prentiss Campbell’s fiction has been published in The American Literary Review, Southampton Review, The MacGuffin, Trachodon Magazine, Paycock Press, Altered States, Imagination and Place, Fiction Writers Review, Talking River, The Midway Journal, The Backbone Mountain Review,The Iron Horse Literary Review, Glossolalia, Kaleidoscope, The Massachusetts Review, The Broome Review, REAL, Blueline, The Bryant Literary Review, Paper Street, Spindrift, The Fourth River, and The Potomac Review.  (Read excerpts on the Stories section of this website.)

The recipient of fellowships in 2009, 2010 and 2012 at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, her fiction has placed in competitions including The Iron Horse Fiction Collection Contest and The Hunger Mountain Short Fiction Contest. 

Ellen holds an MFA from The Bennington Writing Seminars, an MSW from Simmons College, and a BA from Smith College.  As a child, Ellen dictated stories before she could write, and remembers the disappointment of learning to read and still being unable to crack the cursive code of her grandmother’s letters.  Both as a writer and a social worker, she seeks the story between the lines.  

Ellen lives with her husband in Rockville, Maryland, in an old house with stories of its own – walking distance from the library and the swimming pool, two of her favorite places.  She often writes on an old farm on Glade Pike in Bedford County, Pennsylvania and has completed a collection of stories set in the Allegheny Mountains of western Pennsylvania.  Her novel-in-progress takes place on the grounds of a former psychiatric asylum.